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Ачааллаж байна ...Мөрийтэй тоглоомын ихэнх хэлбэр нь хууль эрх зүйд байдаг Малайз, but for religious reasons, the local Muslims are not allowed to participate in such entertainment. In Малайз, there are casino games, gaming machines and lotteries. With the exception of horse racing, all kinds of спортын бооцооны is prohibited. In 2010, an attempt was made to restore the спортын бооцооныГэхдээ л олгосон лицензийг удалгүй цуцалжээ.

In Малайз, there is only one casino Genting (Genting). It is a fairly large and frequently visited institution. We note in our online gambling directory that is the only place in the country where Malays can legally play board and card games. Such an alignment has led to difficulties for the operation of clandestine casino and спортын бооцооныМалайзын Засгийн газартай байнга тэмцэж байдаг.

Өмнө нь казиногийн хамт Малайз there were slot machines with computer games, such as electronic jumps. In 2000, however, these small gambling halls have been closed by the governmentXCHARXs decision, as they have a negative impact on the younger generation of the country.

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Казино онлайн -

Малайз дахь онлайн мөрийтэй тоглоом

Law online gambling in Малайз disables this form of gambling. The government does not grant a license for the opening of casinos in the country and take the appropriate measures to ensure that the Malaysian players could not use foreign portals. Internet cafe owners can be held liable in the resolution of its customers have access to online casino sites .

When using offshore online betting sites on the sport, Malaysian players prefer to use the services of the bookmakers, who have offices in Asia. In general, the best option for local players – to avoid an internet cafe and Asian sites online спортын бооцооны .

Үүнээс гадна банкууд хориглодог Малайз remittances to online gambling sites. In any case, this rule is not strictly controlled, and the Malaysian gamblers who wish to play on the Internet, are the methods to circumvent this prohibition. Moreover, some of the largest international operators even offer their services in the Малай хэл хэл.

Онлайн казино сайтууд Малайзын тоглогчид хүлээн зөвшөөрдөг

Тоглуулагчийг хүлээн зөвшөөрдөг онлайн казинуудын жагсаалтыг үзнэ үү Малайз, and offers high-quality and safe games. Here you will find a wide range of entertainment from slot machines to casino games live from such famous software vendors as NetEnt, Merkur, IGT, Novoline, Microgaming, Betsoft, Rival Gaming, and many others. You can also read our сэтгэгдэл онлайн казиногийн сайтууд, хамгийн шилдэг онлайн урамшуулал, урамшуулал болон төлбөрийн сонголтуудыг мэддэг байх Малайз.

Азийн хотууд дахь мөрийтэй тоглоом - Сингапур

The city-state of Singapore has the second highest population density among the top ten on the quality of tourist service. People come here from all over the world to get to know the greatness of Asian culture and try your luck. Where to relax and play at your pleasure? What to see? CasinoTopLists tell you about the gambling industry in this country and many other things.

Нийтлэлийн хураангуй:

  • Singapore – a little bit of geography and history;
  • Gambling is legal since 2005;
  • The largest casino:
  • Casino «Marina Bay Sands»;
  • Casino «Resorts World Sentosa».
  • FYI land casinos;
  • Онлайн казино Сингапурт хоригдож хориглогдсон, тоглогчид 6 сар хүртэлх торгуулийн буюу эрүүгийн хариуцлага хүлээлгэх эрхтэй;
  • Five sights of Singapore with addresses;
  • Interesting facts about the country and people.

Сингапурын байршил, түүхэн товч түүх

Сингапур - арлын үндэстэн (63 арлууд болон газар нутгийг хиймэл аргаар нөхөн сэргээх замаар өргөтгөсөн), арлуудтай хиллэдэг Малайз болон Индонез. For the first time this country is mentioned in the annals of the third century. In the 15-16 centuries the country was part of the Sultanate of Johor, and later became a colony of the British Empire.

Сингапур нь цаашдаа Малайз. In 1965, the country declared its independence, and in recent years completely dependent of the state (even drinking water had to be bought in neighboring countries) and the countries of the XCHARXthird worldXCHARX has become a highly developed state.

In the history of Singapore the government has played a crucial role, Lee Kuan Yew (1959-1990), this person made the country prosperous state. Now it is a parliamentary republic with a president named Tony Tan.

Сингапур дахь казино болон тоглоом

Singapore – a country with limited natural resources. They live here mainly due to investors and favorable “economic climate” – low taxes and transnational corporations.

Up to 2005 in this country for 40 years gambling was a complete ban, but the economic crisis has made itself felt in this country. At the moment, Singapore has become the second largest gaming center after Macao, leaving behind even Las Vegas .

«Marina Bay Sands» – the largest casino in Singapore

The grand structure of this complex is the 3 55-storey tower height of 200 meters. On top of these towers is something like a ship, a kind of oasis with pool. The design was approved by the experts in Feng Shui. Built quite complex nedavno- in 2010 the company «Las Vegas Элс ».

Why are there only 2 ice rink, a hotel complex on the site in 2561 and the worldXCHARXs largest outdoor swimming pool XCHARX the card industry. It is noteworthy that the water in the rainwater basin. Here you will find also fitness centers, restaurants, clubs, SPA salons, shops. Near the main building there is a museum in the form of a lotus. There are exhibits of art, design and high technology.

Мэдээжийн хэрэг, цогцолборын цогцолбор нь казиногийн барилгыг барьсан юм.

Хэмжээ «Marina Bay Sands» impressive XCHARX 15,000 sq.m. Here, lovers of gambling can play 2300 player slots, and their attention is represented by 600 tables for all known games from the classic рулет мөн Пай Гоу руу Baccarat покер. Every day there are about 25,000 visitors.

Казино «Resorts World Sentosa»

Open the casino was a little earlier than «Marina Bay Sands», on the island of Sentosa. There are a lot of green (its architects postorayus save the design of the complex) and entertainment. The most popular is the Maritime Museum «The Maritime Experiential Museum», an amusement park with lots of «Universal Studios Singapore» Amusement, the world’s largest aquarium and water park, a fountain in honor of the teachings of Feng Shui «Lake of Dreams».

Casino impresses with its volume and variety of the offered games. Casino feature – the magnificent glass sculptures. Payments are made immediately, non-alcoholic beverages are served free of charge.

FYI Singapore casino

For residents of Singapore has strict laws XCHARX they have to pay about $ 100 every day for the right to visit the casino. Or buy a ticket for $ 2,000 for the annual visit. So, the government is actively fighting the Gamblers XCHARX every casino has a XCHARXblack listsXCHARX of abusing the game. This money goes to the state budget to charity.

For foreigners simpler rules. You must be 21 and have to bring your passport. There is also a minimum dress code- clothes should be neat and not the beach (in shorts and flip-flops you will not be allowed).

Сингапур дахь онлайн казино

After the construction of land-based casinos the Singapore government to think seriously about the limitation of online gambling . The money did not flow away from the country. If earlier to video slots, блэк болон рулет Үнэгүй ч байсан, гэхдээ одоо бол үгүй.

Discussion of XCHARXgambling policyXCHARX of the state are carried out in 2014 and most likely the decision will be in favor of the complete closure of the Internet space for foreign bookmakers and gaming operators. Since the beginning of 2015 has blocked such operators as IBCBet, SBOBet and MaxBET. All came under the lock of about 100 sites. During the game online illegal bookmaker, you can get a fine in the amount of approximately 275 000 or imprisonment for up to 6 months.

Сингапур сонирхдог

Сингапур нь зөвхөн төрөл бүрийн архитектур, ер бусын өнгөөр ​​төдийгүй цэнгээн зугаацлын хувьд ч таны сонирхлыг татах болно.

  1. Ferris дугуй . Address: 30, Raffles Avenue, round the clock. With him you will discover a beautiful view of the skyscrapers and even Индонез хамтран Малайз (if cloudless). The highest point XCHARX 165 meters. Is a comfortable air-conditioned capsules, full circle takes about 30 minutes
  2. Амралтын Park Studios Universal . Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway. If you like rides. Enchanting shows and fairs XCHARX you here.
  3. Оптик дүрслэлүүд музей . Address: 26 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa. The museum has more than 100 paintings and 3D, anyone can take a photo and touch all the exhibits hands.
  4. Паркууд "Night Safari", "River Safari" . Address: Rd Mandai Lake. About 2500 animals and 6,000 river animals live in these parks. There is a tram with a guided tour, which toured the huge park for 35 minutes.
  5. Кларк Квей . Location: subway stop – Clarke Quay. Tourist promenade replete with entertainment, fountains, shops and bars. The very high activity, usually at night.

Сингапур, Сингапурын талаар сонирхолтой баримтууд

  • Сингапурт бүрхэг байх үед маш хүчтэй нарны түлэгдэлт бий.
  • Сингапур маш хатуу хуультай учраас аюултай;
  • 10 минутанд компанийг нээх - rgistratsii хуулийн этгээдэд маш их хэрэгтэй байна;
  • Улс орны хоол хүнсний чанарт тавдугаарт ордог Япон;
  • Энд шөнийн уралдаан "Формула-1"

Сингапур дэлхийн газрын зураг дээр